Zoledronic acid

Zoledronic acid

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Zoldric is Lyophilized Injection Each vial contains Zoledronic acid Monohydrate IP equivalent to anhydrous

Zoledronic acid 4 mg.

Zoledronic acid contains a bisphosphonic acid which is an inhibitor of osteoclastic bone resorption. Zoledronic acid is designated chemically as (1Hydroxy-2-imidazol-1-yl-phoshoneothyl) phosphonic acid monohydrate Zoledronic acid is a white crystalline powder. Its molecular formula is C3H10N2O1P2H2O and its molecular weight is 290.1

Zoledronic acid injection is available in vials as a sterile lyophilized powder or intravenous infusion. Each vials contains Zoledronic acid monohydrate equivalent to anhydrous Zoledronic acid 4 mg.

Inactive Ingredients: Mannitol, IP, Trisodium Citrate dehydrate. 

Hypercalcemia of Malignany

Zoldric (Zoledronic acid) injection is indicated for the treatment of hypercalcaemia of; malignancy following adequate saline rehydration.

Vigorous saline hydration, and integral part of hypercalcemia therapy, should be intiated promptly and an attempt should be made to restore the urine output to about 2 L/throughful treatment.

The safety and efficacy of Zoledronic acid in the treatment of hypercalcamia associated

with hyperparathyroidism or with other non-tumor-related conditions have not been established.