Trastuzumab 440 Mg For Injection

Trastuzumab 440 Mg For Injection

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We have gained immense appreciation from clients manufacturing and supplying the best quality stock of Trastuzumab- 44 Mg for Injection. This medicine interferes with the HER2/neu receptor and is very useful in the treatment of certain breast cancers. The Trastuzumab- 44 Mg for Injection is indicated for metastatic breast cancer, adjuvant breast cancer and metastatic gastric cancer. The medicine is specifically formulated to target HER2 receptors on breast cancer cells.

Key points:

  • A monoclonal antibody
  • Flags the cancer cells for destruction by the immune system of the body  
  • Long shelf life


  Herclon 440 mg - ( Description :- Herclon 440 mg is generic version for     Hercptin 440 mg from Roche. Its generic name is Trastuzumab and is used in the treatment of breast cancer & other form of cancers. 3S Corporation is a distributor & exporter for Herclon Injection based in India. You can avail prices for Herclon from us & we can supply you with bulk quantities for the product.)