Artemether and lumefantrine

Artemether and lumefantrine

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We are best known for manufacturing and supplying the best stock of Artemether and Lumefantrine. The medicine is widely used for the treatment of malaria, a potentially deadly disease caused by parasites. Lumefantrine is basically an aryl amino alcohol comparable to quinine, mefloquine and halofantrine. This dry syrup is highly effective in killing the malaria- causing parasite by damaging its membrane. Artemether and Lumefantrine is offered in market at reasonable price.

Key points:


  • A natural antimalarial agent
  • Derived from the Chinese medicinal plant
  • Long shelf life

Artemether And Lumefantrine

  1. Contain :  Artemether Ip 80 Mg + Lumefantrine 480
  2. Color : Tartrazine.
  3. Packing : 10X1X6 Tablets.
  4. Uses :  The Combination Of Artemether And Lumefantrine Is Used To Treat Certain Kinds Of Malaria Infections (A Serious Infection That Is Spread By Mosquitoes In Certain Parts Of The World And Can Cause Death). Artemether And Lumefantrine Should Not Be Used To Prevent Malaria. Artemether And Lumefantrine Is In A Class Of Medications Called Antimalarials. It Works By Killing The Organisms That Cause Malaria.